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Clarinet Private Lessons

1/week, billed monthly

Gary C

Gary C. has decades of playing and teaching experience in Piano, Saxophone, Clarinet, and Flute. He has been teaching at Okemos Music Academy for over eighteen years. In addition, he has studied music at Michigan State University, The Berklee School of Music, and many other places taking lessons from masters. Gary's greatest wish is to bring the joy of learning music to everyone.

Month to month

Wednesday at Okemos Music Academy

John K

John K. is a current Michigan State University College of Music student who teaches clarinet,
saxophone, piano, ukulele, and voice. Mr. K. started his music career at 6 years old and has spent a
lifetime immersed in music by performing on multiple instruments. He regularly performs
in libraries, nursing homes, local venues, and benefit concerts. In his free time, John enjoys arranging music, learning new instruments, being a professional DJ, cooking, playing basketball, and playing billiards.

Month to month

Thursday at Okemos Music Academy

Month to month

Sunday at Okemos Music Academy